Services - Planning

Land Use Planning:

Comprehensive Plan

  • Fee for service activity
  • Completion may take several months
  • Will involve a local planning commission
  • Involves detailed demographic and other profile data
  • May include a survey or other means of compiling public input

Mitchell Spillway


  • Fee for service activity
  • Requires a comprehensive plan for long term implementation
  • Will require legal process for approval
  • Should have attorney review
  • Will need an official zoning map to outline districts

Subdivision Ordinance

  • Fee for service activity
  • Involves local planning commission
  • Flexible levels of regulations
  • Regulates the division of property versus the use
  • Does not require comprehensive plan or zoning ordinance

Project Development:

Project Packaging

  • Free service for members
  • Public programs are monitored for deadlines
  • Most applicants will need preliminary engineering information
  • The more time allowed to prepare a proposal, the better the product will be
  • District III routinely prepares over 100 applications per year

Project Administration

  • Typically a fee based service
  • Involves compliance with state or federal program “red tape”
  • Final responsibility always remains with the project sponsor
  • District III normally administers between 25 and 50 projects at any given time

Research / Technical Assistance:

Community Marketing

  • May be a fee for service activity
  • Could involve updating profile information
  • End products may include general brochures or specific development site data
  • District III has color printing capability, but local options are preferred
  • Large scale products are available via the District’s plotter (48” x ??)

Demographic Research

  • Normally a free service
  • May include graphic illustration
  • Could involve specific projects or community-wide activities
  • 2010 census data expected early in 2011
  • District III expects to assist members with redistricting

Digital Rendering

  • May be a fee for service
  • Illustrates buildings, development sites and community neighborhoods
  • Useful for applications, planning and fundraising
  • Utilizes computer generated imagery and aerial photos
  • May take several days or weeks to produce


  • Fee for service
  • Usually related to a specific issue or community interest
  • District III assists with the instrument and compilation
  • District III will not carry out door to door collection
  • Local sponsors will have to play a major role in survey distribution and collection

Special Purpose Planning:

PDM (Pre-Disaster Mitigation) Plans

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) process
  • County level plan
  • Involves community and organizational participation
  • Needs FEMA approval to be finalized
  • Supported by the South Dakota Office of Emergency Management

State Water Plan Applications

    Huting Pheasants
  • Department of Environmental and Natural Resources process
  • Water Development Districts may be involved
  • Applications used as prerequisite for state funding
  • Applications reviewed throughout the year
  • Must occur prior to funding requests

Area health Education Center

  • 34 county service area
  • Focused on the access to rural health care
  • Based in Yankton
  • Not affiliated with any health care system
  • Provides education support


  • Planning usually oriented toward identifying and developing facilities
  • May be important to justify state projects
  • Could involve a user survey
  • May take several months to complete
  • Should be updated every five years