Wagner Library District III offers a variety of planning services to its 15-county region in South Central South Dakota. All counties, villages, cities and tribes in our region are eligible to become a member of District III and receive professional planning services at a membership rate.

District III has worked with numerous communities to prepare new or updated planning documents including:

Comprehensive Plans; Zoning Ordinances; Recreation Plans; Strategic Plans; Hazard Mitigation plans; Natural Resource Plans; Water Resource Plans; Transportation Plans; and more…

In addition to assisting communities with plan and ordinance development, District III staff can provide planning support to its members, as-needed.

Services Include:

Zoning Ordinance amendment review

Site plan review reports

Review and generation of professional reports/opinions for Zoning Boards

Review and generation of professional reports/opinions on rezoning proposals

Professional expertise on the implementation of existing plans

General professional expertise on planning and zoning questions

If you have any questions on what District III staff can do for you, please contact our office for assistance.