SD Governor's Housing Program


(Includes Delivery and Placement)

1,008 (Two Bedroom) square foot house for $62,800, plus excise and sales tax.

1,200 (Three Bedroom) square foot house for $75,900, plus excise and sales tax.



  • Age ----- Minimum of 18 years of age, No maximum age
  • Income Restrictions ----- Family of two or less: Combined adjusted gross income cannot exceed $49,910; Family of three or more: Combined adjusted gross income cannot exceed $57,040
  • Income Calculations ----- Household Income is definded by the HUD Part 5 definition of income. Income verified by adjusted gross income of most recent tax return and Verification of Employment form Income for self-employed individuals calculated by adding back depreciation, business use of home, and meals and entertainment expenses from Schedule C and Schedule F of most recent tax return
  • Net Worth / Liquid Assets Limitations ----- $90,000 if under 62 years of age, $175,000 if 62 years of age or older
  • Ownership ----- Individual must own home (except under rental program)
  • Primary Residence ----- Must be ONLY residence
  • Lifetime Limitation ----- One in lifetime per homeowner
  • Placement ----- Must be placed within South Dakota
  • Community Size ----- No limitations (except for school district purchases)
  • Handicap Requirement ----- None
  • Size Bedrooms/Bathroom ----- 24 ft. X 42 ft. = 1,008 sq. ft. (Two bed - One bath), 24 ft. X 50 ft. = 1,200 sq. ft. (Three bed - two bath)
  • Basement ----- Intended for foundation, Homeowner may install stairwell to basement [Plans to be provided by SDHDA.]
  • Garage ----- Allowed
  • Addition ----- Allowed
  • Encumbrances ----- Additional encumbrances may not be filed against property, and property may not be used to secure additional financing, within three years of purchase unless written waiver received from SDHDA
  • Sale of House ----- May not be sold by homeowner at a profit above documented costs within three years of purchase unless written waiver received from SDHDA
  • Developers/Builders ----- Both non-profit developers and builders and for-profit developers and builders may purchase houses to resell to qualified buyers approved by SDHDA
  • Manufactured Housing Retailers ----- Manufactured housing retailers may sell houses to qualified buyers on commission basis as set by SDHDA
  • Rental Program ----- May be purchased for rental or converted to rental use that require long term affordable rent limits targeting low-income families at or below 60% State Median Income for a period of (10) ten years
  • Lease/Purchase Program ----- May be purchased by a developer for an SDHDA approved Lease/Purchase program
  • School District Purchases ----- School districts may purchase houses under following terms: (i) house must be used to provide housing to teachers and other school district employees in rural community, as defined by most recent U.S. Census; (ii) house and property on which located must be owned by school district; and (iii) house may not be resold unless written waiver is received from SDHDA


(SDHDA will provide technical assistance for setup of home.)

  • Provide the lot
  • Purchase the building permit
  • Provide the foundation
  • Utility hookups and fees
  • Floor coverings and appliances



  • Energy Star Certified home, Plant and facilities are monitored by 3rd party for quality, energy efficient product usage and installation
  • 2" X 6" exterior wall construction with R-29 insulation
  • Vinyl lap siding
  • wondows are casement to decrease air infiltration U-value .29
  • Oak kitchen & bath cabinets and oak finished trim and doors
  • Choice of electric forced air or gas forced air furnace
  • Electric hot water heater .93 Efficiency Factor
  • 1/2" sheet rock on all interior walls; 5/8" sheet rock on ceilings
  • All walls are taped, textured and painted
  • Standard floor plan



Download the application materials from the link below.

  • Net Worth Form
  • *SDHDA reserves the right to reject any proposed purchase if SDHDA determines, in its sole discretion, that the proposed purchase does not further the goals of the Governor's House Program or SDHDA�s goals and purposes. SDHDA also reserves the right to impose additional qualifications and restrictions under the Governor�s House Program or with respect to any purchase under the Program if SDHDA determines, in its sole discretion, that such qualifications and restrictions are necessary to protect the integrity of the Program or the interests of homebuyers.



If you live in the District III service area and would like more information about the Governor�s House program, contact Fred at 605-665-4408. Otherwise, contact South Dakota Housing Development Authority in Pierre.