GIS - Support

District III utilizes the latest online technology to provide unlimited secure on demand support. GoToAssist is secure communication software that does not install software on the end-users desktop. This technology uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, the same used by online banking institutes. GoToAssist encrypts session data end to end and, unlike other remote support products, GoToAssist security can never be turned off.

Few features of GoToAssist are:

  • Two-Way Screen Sharing: You and your customers can show instead of tell what's happening on your desktops, so you can get to the heart of the issue faster.
  • Remote Control: With your customer's permission, you can remotely take control of their desktop to provide service just as if you were sitting at their computer.
  • File Transfer: Instantly exchange files and folders with your customers.
  • Live Chat: Chat in real time with your customers instead of staying on the phone the whole time.
  • Annotation Tools: Both you and your customer can draw, highlight and point to items right on the screen.
  • and more…

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